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CISNA supports Islamic schools in improving school quality and in achieving accreditation. CISNA is also proud to have partnered with regional and national organizations to advocate for Islamic education.

Establishing Islamic Schools and supporting Islamic education is an obligation for the entire Muslim community. It can NOT fall only on the parents of the students who attend Islamic schools or the local masjid community. We ask for your support so that CISNA can continue to improve the quality of education for our youth, our future!

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Your donation will be made to a 501c3 organization and is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

May Allah reward you with His greatest generosity for your generosity and may He expand your sustenance and allow you to be a blessing to even more organizations and endeavors in the future.

Your good deeds inspire others to do good as well. So please spread the word about your support for CISNA’s efforts to your friends and family.