CISNA Arabic Academy

10-Month program for arabic instructors

About the Arabic Instructors

Fadi Abughoush

Mr. Fadi Abughoush has worked in the field of Public Education at Chicago Public Schools (CPS) for the past 12 years. He played a vital role in creating, managing and expanding the World Language curriculum at Lindblom Math & Science Academy. As the department chair, he oversees the Arabic and Chinese language program at Lindblom. Fadi Abughoush is a leader in World Language Education, spearheading Comprehensible Input in his field. 

Since 2008, Fadi Abughoush has been teaching Arabic as a foreign language to students from grades 8 through 12. In his role at Lindblom, he developed and implemented an Arabic language curriculum and also takes pride in incorporating aspects of Arab culture (including music, art, film, poetry, literature, and cuisine) throughout his teaching and work with students. At Lindblom, he helped establish Chicago’s first Arabic V course (during the 2014-15 school year). 

In addition to serving as the current Administrator in the World Language Department at Lindblom, Mr. Abughoush is heavily involved in several other programs. He is a member of the Teacher Advisory Board for Al- Masdar and is the Co-founder of #arabiclangchat on Twitter.  He is a board member of the Chicago Arabic Teacher’s Council, and is the Chair for the Arabic Special Interest Group at ACTFL. Previously, he was part of a team who created the WL Guidance Document for all Chicago Public Schools. 

Mr. Abughoush, has travelled with students several times over the course of his career. In March 2014, and 2016 he led Lindblom’s Arabic debate team to the International schools Arabic Debate Championship Competition in Doha, Qatar. In 2017 and 2018, he travelled with students to Amman, Jordan for the annual Arab Youth Congress and last Spring Break he led a group of students to Morocco on a week long cultural excursion. 

Lina Kholaki

Lina Kholaki has a Masters degree in Human Development. She works as a consultant/coach for the Los Angeles Unified School District in the Dual Immersion Program. She is also the co-chair of the California Arabic Language Teacher Council. 

Lina began teaching Arabic at New Horizon Elementary-Middle School in Pasadena, where she remained on staff for thirteen years. Since 2001, Lina has been training Arabic teachers at the four New Horizon campuses for the Bureau of Islamic and Arabic Education and in addition she is the director of Aldeen Foundation online Arabic teacher Professional development. 

Lina started teaching at university level from 2002-2017, at Cal State San Bernandino (CSUSB), then at University of Southern California (USC).

Lina is the co-developer of “Hayya Natakalam Maan”, a landmark program for teaching Arabic language following the modern standards for Early Childhood Education, and co-authored “Arabic through dialogue” with Dr.Hanada Taha.

Lina was a member of the Task Force Committee charged with drafting the Standards of Arabic as a Foreign Language for the 21st century for K-12, and remains in the committee revising the standards 2020.

She served as one of the Steering Committee member for curriculum development for the Arabic village of Concordia Language Villages in  2005.  She has developed programs for after-school clubs and Arabic cultural events since 2001, and directed STARTALK summer program for eight years. She has presented her approaches y and experiences at numerous national conferences. Lina is a recipient award for the teacher of the year from New Horizon System in 2005. And she was awarded ACTFL teacher of the years in 2018.

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