CISNA Accreditation Process

CISNA Standards are designed to improve the quality of education in Islamic schools in the U.S. and globally.

CISNA is the largest member organization of accredited Islamic schools in the world.

CISNA Accreditation provides a means to review and evaluate all aspects of a school’s program with an Islamic lens. The accreditation process is based on rigorous standards and measures a school’s progress towards continuous improvement. CISNA began providing accreditation services in 2012.

CISNA has partnered with Cognia and Middle States Association (MSA), international agencies accrediting schools in more than 110 countries! CISNA schools can now apply for accreditation with CISNA and receive dual accreditation with COGNIA or MSA. CISNA is also recognized by the New York State Department of Education (the largest in the US) as an accrediting agency.

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Why Accreditation?

What are the benefits of accreditation?

Assurance for parents and the community that the school is of high quality

Provides a systematic framework for improvement of programming and services

Self-evaluation based on your school’s unique purpose and on CISNA’s standards

Public recognition for completing the accreditation process successfully

Increased accountability to your community and constituents

Demonstration of quality as assessed by objective educational professionals

Eligibility for grants and other sources of funding

How To apply for Accreditation

Fill out the Accreditation Application below and submit the fee online. The one-time, nonrefundable Accreditation application fee is $250.
NOTE: To apply for accreditation, a school must first become a member and then submit the accreditation application