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Council of Islamic Schools in North America, CISNA

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Our Mission

CISNA is an association of Islamic schools and educational organizations working to improve Islamic schools through accreditation, consultation, and professional development; advocating for Islamic education; and fostering professional relationships with educational institutions and agencies relevant to Islamic education.


Our Goals

  1. Promote Islamic schools and Islamic education on a global level
  2. Provide accreditation services
  3. Provide professional development at a global level
  4. Foster professional relationships among Islamic schools and other organizations
  5. Provide consulting services relevant to Islamic education


Our Vision

To be a leading and unifying organization striving for the advancement of Islamic schools and Islamic education respectively.

Out Story

In 1989, an educational symposium, organized and hosted by the Islamic Society of North America, gathered Muslim educators, community members, and representatives from many Islamic institutions throughout North America. Discussions resulted in the appointment of a seven member ad hoc committee to serve as the architects of a mechanism for cooperation and communication among full-time Islamic schools throughout the continent. This committee included representatives from various US geographical regions and Canada. By November of 1991, as a result of the committee’s efforts, the first full-time Islamic School general assembly meeting was held in Detroit, Michigan. Approximately 45 full-time Islamic schools were represented, a constitution was ratified, and CISNA was formed. 

Our Governance

CISNA is governed by a group of highly educated, experienced, and qualified Board of Directors who believe in Islamic school education. Those volunteers who serve were elected by CISNA member schools as outlined in CISNA bylaws.
CISNA currently serves over 200 Islamic schools from the US and Canada at its conferences. CISNA includes over 60 members of whom 35 have earned CISNA accreditation.

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What We Stand For

CISNA Accreditation

CISNA accreditation provides a means to review and evaluate all aspects of a school’s program based on rigorous standards and measures the school’s progress! CISNA has partnered with AdvancEd, one of the largest accreditation agencies worldwide, as well as NEASC, New England Association of Schools and Colleges to provide dual accreditation which includes Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qur’anic Studies.

CISNA Membership

CISNA Board members provide consulting services to General Members as well as CISNA Accredited members. These services may take the form of professional development opportunities at the school or via phone call and/or email.

CISNA at a Glance 




Professional Development Services

The CISNA professional development team continually works to increase access to opportunities for the spiritual and professional growth of our accredited schools and members by ongoing collaboration, curation of resources and digital and on-site training.


Professional development focused for the needs of developing future and current Islamic schools leadership and governance


Professional development focused for the needs of current and veteran Islamic schools educators and support staff.

Conferences & Expos

Conferences that focus on the unique needs of PK-12 Islamic schools leadership and educators professional needs based on the latest research.

Make an Impact

Establishing Islamic Schools and supporting Islamic education is an obligation for the entire Muslim community. It can NOT fall only on the parents of the students who attend Islamic schools or the local masjid community. We ask for your support so that CISNA can continue to improve the quality of education for our youth, our future!


Our Latest News & Announcements

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The panel of the American Federation for Children speaks about Islamic schools

The panel of the American Federation for Children speaks about Islamic schools and the school choice movement as they respond to a question asked by CISNA Executive Director, Sufia Azmat. Please watch below video.      ...

CISNA Accreditation & Membership

The accredited members of the Council of Islamic Schools in North America, CISNA are 31 schools. There are other 37 general members, in which 8 of them are in pending accreditation. The total current members of CISNA are 68, and there is increase in the number of...

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What CISNA stands for?

      Council of Islamic Schools in North America

      What CISNA stands for?

      Council of Islamic Schools in North America

      What CISNA stands for?

      Council of Islamic Schools in North America