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The Council of Islamic Schools based in North America (CISNA), pioneers the transformation of Islamic education. As the only global Islamic accreditation agency, CISNA makes a profound impact, enhancing educational standards and nurturing excellence in governance, leadership, teaching, and learning across Islamic schools.


Every Islamic school student has equitable access to high quality education within an Islamic framework.


CISNA advocates for Islamic schools, provides accreditation services, professional development, and resources to ensure institutional effectiveness that leads to student success.


  • Serve as a unifying organization for all Islamic schools.
  • Provide accreditation services on a global level.
  • Foster continuous improvement and excellence in governance, leadership, teaching and learning at Islamic schools through professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Advocate at the local, state, national and global level to ensure equitable access to resources for all school leaders, educators, and students.


Ensuring every Islamic school provides high quality academic and Islamic education

Professional development

Fostering improvement and excellence in governance, leadership, teaching, and learning


Equipping every Islamic school with the material they need to grow and succeed

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